Live Your Heart and Never Follow

by Set it Straight

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Originally released in late 2006 by our good friend Jihad on Twelve Gauge Records ( on CD and multi-colored 12" vinyl. It was TG005.

Pressing info: 20 test presses • 100 brown/green 50/50 split (mail-order only) • 100 transparent magenta w/ black and white splatter (at shows only) • 300 white

"If Live Your Heart and Never Follow doesn't reach you - musically and/or lyrically - then there is definitely something wrong with you. The music and the message of the album are among the cream of the crop when it comes to today's hardcore scene."

"If you love melodic old school and if you're straight edge, but you don't like this album: Houston, we got a problem…"

"...I should still make the point of how solid and non-alienating Live Your Heart and Never Follow is. Set It Straight may not be as accomplished as a fair number of their peers, but with an aggressive pacing, strong convictions and an ambitious sense of melody and songcraft they're well on their way."


released August 29, 2006

©2006 Set it Straight

Recorded by Zach Ohren at Castle Ultimate in April of 2006.

Music written by Curt Baer • Lyrics written by Harry Petty and Curt Baer, with additional lyrics by Ben Paulsen, and additional vocals and corresponding lyrics by Eli Horner, John Eightclip, and Rob Myers.



all rights reserved


Set it Straight Redding, California

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Track Name: Title Track
No longer will I fall prey to misguided direction, and day by day, my disillusion grows. Yeah I know... sometimes it's fucking hard to stand up and fight, but I've got to do what's right. This is my resolution. This is my revolution. I've found liberation, though constant opposition belittles me and tries to break my will. And yeah, I know sometimes it's fucking hard to live your heart, but I'll set myself apart. We've got to ask ourselves, "Who's interest is this in, and who will benefit"? I put a chorus of expectation at my back. I'm taking my life back. I'll keep on pushing forward, even if I'll probably fail and I'll strive for greater things, even on a smaller scale. I'll break down, I'll stand up, and when I'm told to shut up, I'll make my own reality. I've had about enough.
Track Name: Callouses
The anger burns inside, eating its way from the inside out, and I can't explain this feeling to you. You'd have to feel it for yourself. Have you ever felt this pain? Can you relate? I've beat and bent my will to live, and now there's nothing left... nothing left for me to give, and now I'm fucking stuck. I've beat and bent my will to live, and now there's nothing left, and I have not forgot that he did this to himself. A hidden secret he holds closer than his closest friends. Deep within a broken heart and empty feeling exists, trying to cope with something that cannot be fixed. And he's so sick of speaking in the third person… I think it's time it's time to start looking forward to the future. I'm way to deep inside my head to speak what's on my mind, I think it's time to recognize. I've beat and bent my will to live, and but there's still something left... something left for me to give, and I have not forgot there's more to life than to sit right here and rot... I'm fucking done. I jot the final pages down, the ending to this chapter, turn the page and start again. Pencil calluses on my hands, wall scrapes on my fists, I leave it all behind, and it will not be missed.
Track Name: Hourglass
The bottom of this hourglass is full, and it's way to heavy to turn around. There's never enough time, and I'm always fucking late. I can't keep up with this rat race. So now I'm trapped... another dead end. I need more time. So caught up (...just catch up) in living I forget that I'm alive, forget I have a name (...they're all the same). And then it hits me, and it makes me fucking sick. It's all true, and all I want are lies. So today I'm gonna rise up with sun, complete the goals I've set and move on to the next. I'm so young, there's no reason to run. But everyday, this nine to five destroys all my thoughts. This lake I've been swimming in is stagnant. I'm fishing for disaster, and I'm the fucking bait. My hard work means nothing to them, my efforts gone to waste. And I'm so sick, you should be too; Our blood and our sweat means more than this paycheck.
Track Name: Self Deprogramming
A sea of suits with empty, mindless eyes, swarming like bees amongst their platinum highrise hives. And every single one? Yeah, they know their place. Super-latte-charged electrons, androids with no face. But only those who subconsciously want to live their lives spoon fed, subordinated, placid, incarcerated, succumb to the machine. I'll tear down their graphs and charts, and take back rational thought. It's not to late to start. I refuse to live my life homogenized. I refuse to just sit by with half shut eyes. I will think for myself.
Track Name: Oblivious
Put that X upon your hand, and put your back to the band… why are you fucking here? It seems your chosen course is not a positive force for social change and clean living. You treat it like a gang, I think you've missed the point. You're so concerned with image… sweet moves are more important than ideas. Why can't you fucking see it's more than words to me? It's hard to see this bastardized. And when it's said and done, I hope you've had your fun, the damage might not be undone. You say you heard the songs, and you read the lines, but you got it all wrong. It's something more. It's something inside. I am straight edge for my own fucking self and no one else.
Track Name: Young Voices
Do you remember how it felt to live without a fear and no self doubt? Well that feeling kept me alive. I know that it still burns inside, but can we try to save ourselves? And those young voices... still running through my head... reminding me of how it felt to live. I pride myself on sticking with commitments that I've set, have I failed? What have I done? What have we done? Do you remember? What have we done to change the way it was? Now one big dream has taken over me, and I've forgotten how it felt to throw caution to the wind. What have I done to make my life a fucking wreck? I have to find my way back to the start again to save myself. Everyone I fucking love is everything I can only dream. Please make this more than dreams.
Track Name: Reclaimation
Everything is fucked. I'll get right to the point, the situation's grim. The heart is sorely lacking, glossed over by new trends. If we all sing together, if we all join as one, if we all help each other, the bond can not be undone. We need to take it back while they are cashing in. They've left their roots behind, we will remain.
Track Name: Percent
Another chance to drink away your problems, and with it your sincerity. I've seen this far too many times. Another holiday, another chance to hide. Well now I've fucking had it with you. I've tried to care, what should I do? But you're convinced that I should participate, I'm sorry, I just can't relate to someone who continues to be fake. And your words? They've proven to mean nothing. This is what you call a celebration? With no comprehension or respect for anything? Every day's a holiday to me, a celebration of life. And these few days I'll cherish, and do my best to keep it alive. So as you lie in your bed, contemplation rears its head, will you know that you gave one hundred percent?
Track Name: Ground Zero
It's time to read between the lines, to the meaning. Open your fucking eyes. We are at war, and the battleground is familiar turf, but it all boils down to awareness. We can change our fate, I know it's not too late. Catchy slogans, and shiny things to keep dissenting beings vegetative, easy to maintain. Never counting on the fact it's our heart and minds to fight back... am I the only one who's sane? Scratch the surface and you'll see… it's US policy to regiment the public mind. Distract attention, make the tired blind, and they won't know who to trust. Words abound like an empty sound. Sedated masses won't try to fight. Propaganda, and inane rhetoric to keep us apathetic, distracted, easy to control. Never factoring the fact, it's in our hearts and minds to fight back, ground zero is within us all. Their answer's not for me... the tired philosophy of bland futility. It's the next evolution. And intellectual revolution. I know that it can start today. We'll stand as one, we'll be the voice. We know that we all have a choice, and it starts right here.
Track Name: Meltdown
How could I’ve let things get so far gone? I never figured it would come to this. The caution signs were there, I just ignored them all, now I’m a fucking wreck and it’s all my fault. If I could say just one last thing, it would be thank you, and now I finally see the person that I want to be. I had made a grave mistake, misprioritized. Hindsight afforded me a look into myself. Didn’t act the way I should, now I’m on my last nerve, If I had another chance I'’d give what you deserve. You deserve more. I’ve fucked up everything, like humanitarian intervention. I tear myself apart like schizophrenic hallucinations. So now I’m out here on my own, and I am on the run. It’s time to rethink who I am, and what I should have done. I’ve made mistakes, I'’ll learn from them. I hope one day you can forgive. I won’t forget.
Track Name: Strikes and Gutters II
One thousand knives, stabbed in the back. A thousand fucking knives and I've lost track... we've tried and failed, had friendships derailed, but we will not be broken. Fucked up kids on cold grange floors, at ever turn, just more closed doors. We've crashed and bailed, and through it prevailed, cause we will not be broken. You've burned our bridges to the fucking ground. What makes you think we'll take it? The night is ours, lets tear it fucking down. This town is what you make it. Routie beatdowns and riot cops, it seems the bullshit never stops. Kids disappear, but we're still here, cause we will not be broken. Garage shows, to parks and halls, to patched up holes in youth rec walls. Year after year, the message is clear, that we will not be broken. We won't go down without a fight. If we want to see a better day, we'll find a way. Nobody can take away the strength that we have.
No one.
Track Name: Injustice
Where the fuck is your sense of justice? Ruining lives, just so you can sleep at night? How much can we fucking take? Innocent lives, wasting away in a cell. They aren’t terrorists, they aren’t a threat…. But apparently, they have no fucking rights. This isn’t justice, this is tyranny. What’s the cost of your so-called security? This is isn't justice, this is tyranny. Who are the real criminals in this democracy?
Track Name: So Many Questions
Since whend did we become sophisticated? Since when did we fade away? Over time we've changed our ways, priorities get rearranged. Where is the hope? Whatever happened to motivation? Since when did competition rule? Where are we from? What have we become? Is it too late? No. Is there anything left to save? The answers lie within. I'll ask myself, just in case: can you recognize this face? I mean it when I say, I think we've gone astray from our individuality. Is it too late? Have we forgot? What is our motivation? Where is the inspiration? It starts with us. It starts with me. It starts with you. I'm still holding on to this ideal that there still may be some hope. This hope must be created. I'm still holding on to this ideal. Our lives are in our hands.