My Favorite Words (Ten Year Anniversary)

by Set it Straight

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Originally released on CD via Westcoast Worldwide Records in 2005, now back for a special 10 Year Anniversary vinyl release thanks to Toni P, and a collaboration between Positive and Focused Records, Iron Mountain Records, Ugly and Proud Records, SP Discos, Entes Anomicos, and Speedowax! Complete with all new cover art and layout by Curt Baer, and including a bonus Uniform Choice cover! Available on classic black and red colored vinyl, ultra limited to only 200 each. The physical records will drop sometime in december. Stay tuned for preorder information!


"I feel that every genuine musical moment on this album is buttressed by the lyrical content. For example, the amazing guitar section on "For You, For Me" with the lead guitar riff and the break to shout "standing for what I believe," has such an honest strength to it that I find myself consenting to its on-paper awkwardness and banality. Set It Straight have their lyrics function as a cue to throw in a sweet songwriting technique or gimmick, so that every great, clichéd lyrical moment like "standing for what I believe" is accompanied by an equally catchy and noticeable musical quirk. And because the album is saturated with these lyrical moments, the album also has hundreds of musical moments that ensnare the listeners attention, usually in a more sophisticated way, and gets them into the Set It Straight ethos. The playing here is incredibly tight, which allows the band a lot of room to use have massive stops and starts, harmonic notes, and messy pickscrapes. It is because they are always going to pull out of a more chaotic or dissonant moment with some elegance. Also, Set It Straight knows when they're being brutal, and fittingly amp up the distortion and aggressiveness, or when they're being energetic, and they knowingly play their instruments more crisply (see that sick riff on "For You, For Me"), and best of all they know when they're being poignant, which results in the beautiful, epic crescendo on "Playing Dead" to end the album. It's amazing that a band can use so many clichéd lyrical moments as the foundation of their style, yet feel incredibly fresh, powerful, and honest on the musical side. The musicianship and songwriting abilities are incredibly prominent, which allows the lyrics to be presented in the most memorable way possible."

"I'm always in the mood for some positive lyrics, and singing along can brighten up the shittiest day of my life. This is the CD I listen to on the way to a show, and it always gets me pumped. It never gets old, and the energy of this CD never tires itself. Every time I listen, it seems to have more and more energy. Overall, My Favorite Words is absolutely one of my favorite CDs ever. I couldn't stop listening from day one, and I can tell this band is going to get really big, really quick. This is a CD that should not, and most likely will not be forgotten about. It's positivity, short and to the point, and easily understandable vocals all add up to a hardcore classic."


released December 24, 2015

©2005 and 2015 Set it Straight

Recorded by Zach Ohren at Castle Ultimate in June of 2004.
All songs by Set it Straight except Screaming for Change, which is by Uniform Choice.

This is release PFR024, FEMTN001, U&P019, ATOM0115, SP046



all rights reserved


Set it Straight Redding, California

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Track Name: For You, For Me
I’ll try my best to live each day better than the last. To find the strength to fight, to hold on to what’s right for me. And you should try your best to make this last as long as your heart allows it, and to make this fucking count (for you). I’m not invincible, but I believe in myself, and I believe in Straight Edge. We’ll all die someday, I’ll die standing for what I believe, and I’ll stay positive (and I’ll keep focused). In all sincerety, this means the world to me, and I’ll give everything. Choose the battles that you live and die for, it’s time to make a start. Whatever it is that you have to fight for, to anyone with heart, make your stand.
Track Name: Conversation
A conversation with a man helped me understand. He told me I was ignorant, he said I had no chance. At least that’s how I took it in, offended and mislead. With disregard, I set it aside, and continued with my life. Then come to realize, I was the one who needed more advice. I found it’s easier to move along with help by your side, so grab a friend and hold on tight. I’ll always be there for my friends, and they will be there for me, I can depend. This I know for sure, it’s the only thing that’s pure. That’s my lesson for tonight.
Track Name: Sort it Out
I can’t find myself in this fucking mess, and it seems that they have found it all. Can I hand my life into your grasp to see if you can sort it out? The jewels, the fool, this music... it all means nothing in the end. So would you like to join me in this shitty town? Or how about I join you in your kingdom, to see if you can sort it out? Each day has passed so fast, so what’s the rush? To lose our minds? Now that we’ve come this far, where has it led us? Where did we start? Where will it lead us? I think I know. Let’s keep it simple, day by day. Now that another day has passed us by, it’s still the same. What’s to say?
Track Name: Never Give In
Listen up everyone, it’s time to hear our fate. They’ve got us at the end of our ropes, they’ve driven us to end end of our own road. It does not lead anywhere, this road... it can’t lead anywhere. A pack of them are coming this way. Who are they? A pack of them are on the move. Like the Indians, we’re stong in our own way. Unlike the rest, we have unity, respect, and strong minds. Hold down these walls set in their way, we’ll take on each and every day. We’ll stand tall, above them all. We’re rising up and we won’t fall.
Track Name: My Favorite Words
Waking up to true friends at the door was the best thing that could have happened to me that morning. A pool of vomit and curiosity, what the fuck was going on? “I need to quit this” were my favorite words, but I never did shit about it. If it wasn’t for the people that I have now, I’d be in the same place I started. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I can not be said enough. As I take another hit, I sort of wonder why... Deeper and deeper, I dug my grave, and the further away I’d be from the place that I though about on sober weeks. I never want to be like that again, and nothing to remind me. I love it here and I’ll never leave. This is my fucking home. Never forget about never regret. I’ll always be out of step. I will always be straight edge.
Track Name: Too Much Hatred
I’ve had enough of your hatred. Your mentality sucks. You’re way too negative. I thought we were all in this for fun, not to compete and beat each other up? Let’s take the put-downs and leave them behind, and set forth with open minds.
Track Name: That's What I Said
That’s what I said, did you hear it? Or were you too busy fucking around with her? She’s taken everything away, now there’s nothing but love and lust, but I guess that’s ok. That’s what I said, did you hear it? Can you see it in my eyes? That’s what I say to you, ‘cause you’ve got no respect for us. So was it love? Or was it lust? I guess that’s ok, but you won’t be missed. That’s what we say to people like you. We know that you are fucking dumb, and we all know that you’re afraid. And you have nothing but ignorance and shame, but I guess that’s ok, ‘cause you can learn.
Track Name: Playing Dead
Forget it. That’s just how I feel, and I’m sick of this fucking talk. You keep telling me that I’m wrong, but for the first time, I’m sure. For once, I’m loving every second, and I’m not looking back. Everyone has their own reasons to be happy. This is not an excuse to act defiant, I’m finally choosing my path, I’m finally finding peace. And everyone should feel this way, bust since they don’t... that’s why this world is fucked. I’m sick of always playing dead to fit in with the rest. Everyone should have their own ideas for the better, but not to act defiant, to choose and make your own path, to find your inner peace. Keep telling me that I’m not the same, keep ranting on about how I’ve changed. This, I’ll decide for myself. I’m the same kid I’ve always been, outlook on life is all that’s changed. Wtill, I will be here till the end. My heart will stay. My heart remains.
Track Name: Screaming for Change
Screaming for a change. Forever reaching, to rearrange. Another struggle with the wind in my face, forever blowing, but this time at my pace. Screaming for change, still screaming. Some is better than none, but some just isn't enough. I hope the best is yet to come, but hope alone won't stand. I scream for change. Understand that you make a difference. No difference between you and I. Look beyond the shadowy surface, take the time, don't limit your mind. Still Screaming.